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How to Recognise a Registered Farrier

There are several simple steps that a horse owner can take to confirm that their farrier is registered. 

 Ask to see their Registration Card

Upon payment of their annual Retention Fee each year all Registered Farriers are issued with an annual Registration Card and car window sticker. The card includes their name and the year of validity.   

Check  'Find a Farrier'

You can check the registration status of any farrier on the ‘Find a Farrier’ feature of this website.  This search feature will allow you to search for a farrier by location, name and or qualification.

Alternatively, you can contact the offices of the FRC on T) 01733 319911 where a member of staff will be happy to check the Register on your behalf.

                      Using a Registered Farrier - The Farriers (Registration) Act 1975 - What this means for youCar Window StickerRegistration Card