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FRC Election 2017

FRC Election 2017

1 July 2017

The Farriers Registration Council

When is the election?

• Notice is hereby given to all Registered Farriers that the election of four (4) Registered Farriers to sit as members of the Farriers Registration Council (FRC) will take place on Monday 11 December 2017.

• Four farriers are to be elected in December 2017 to sit as FRC members for a three year term, from 2018 to 2020.

• For the purposes of continuity the current elected Members will continue in office up to and including the Committee meetings held in February and March 2018; the newly elected Council members will join the FRC at the Council Meeting held in March 2018, at which the election results will be announced.

• A copy of the 2017 election scheme is attached for the information of potential candidates.

Who can stand for election and Who can vote?

• Every Registered Farrier is eligible to stand for election; the FRC actively encourages all farriers to consider standing for election.

• All Registered Farriers are entitled to vote in the election.

What do FRC Members do?

• Put simply FRC members make policy to regulate farriery; in making policy FRC members have to balance the need to provide assurance to the public with the wishes of the profession.

• Elected farrier members of the FRC use their knowledge, skills and experience gained as members of the profession to influence the development of policy for the benefit of the public and the profession.

• Elected farrier members of the FRC will work at Council and Committee level alongside appointed members of the FRC; the following bodies appoint members to the FRC:

  • The Worshipful Company of Farriers.
  • The British Farriers and Blacksmiths Association.
  • The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.
  • The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
  • The British Horseracing Authority.
  • The British Equestrian Federation.
  • The National Training Organisation for the Land Based Industries (Lantra).
  • Scottish Enterprise.

How much of my time will be taken with FRC business if I am elected?

• Prospective farrier members of the FRC should expect to devote at least seven (7) working days a year to Council and Committee meetings, plus preparatory time spent reading papers.

• There are three (3) one (1) day meetings of the Council usually in March, June and November each year, as well as Committee meetings three (3) or more times each year. The commitment of individual members depends on the nature of their Committee membership.

• Elected members are expected to serve on either the Investigating Committee (IC) or the Disciplinary Committee (DC), both of which are statutory bodies responsible for consideration of complaints and alleged professional misconduct cases. Both the IC and DC meet at least three (3) times each year.

• Elected members serving on the IC will also serve on the Registration Committee (RC) which customarily meets on the same day. Council and DC Meetings are usually held in London or Peterborough.

• Elected members receive travelling expenses and a taxable Attendance Allowance of £195 per day (2016 rate) when engaged on FRC business. FRC members are not Council employees, their status is that of an ‘office holder’ within HM Government’s definition of that term; further details may be found at

• Further information concerning the FRC’s Committees and their duties may be found in the Council’s Annual Report, and in a Guidance Booklet on the Role and Responsibilities of FRC members. Both documents are available on request.

What are the four elected positions on the FRC?

• The four elected positions are:

Area 1 - Northern Counties - Two Registered Farriers  (One employed, One self-employed)
Area 2 - Southern Counties - Two Registered Farriers  (One employed, One self-employed)

• All Registered Farriers are eligible to vote for all four positions, but candidates for election may only stand for the area in which their registered home address lies.

• Retired farriers who have transferred to the Non-Practising List are not eligible as candidates.

What Next?

How to stand as a candidate….

• Registered Farriers who wish to stand as a candidate should contact the FRC Office for a Nomination Form; this form should be completed by the candidate standing for election and additionally signed by five proposers who must all be Registered Farriers but must not be serving members of the FRC.

• Completed Nomination Forms must be received by the Registrar on or before close of business at 5pm on Tuesday 1 August 2017

• Each valid candidate who has submitted a nomination form on time will be given the opportunity to submit an election address of not more than four hundred (400) words. These addresses will be printed in a special election edition of the Farriers Bulletin which will be sent out with ballot papers. The addresses will also be published on the FRC website.

• Successful candidates will be asked to sign a declaration agreeing to accept the principles promulgated by the Nolan Committee on the Conduct of Public Business and an undertaking to comply with the Rules and Procedures of the FRC. Copies of these documents may be made available to prospective candidates on request.

If you have any questions about the election or seek advice as to how to stand as a candidate please contact the FRC Offices.