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Farriers Responsibilities to Horses

Horse, in this context, includes pony, mule, donkey or other equine animal.

Farriers must:
  •  treat all horses humanely, with respect, and with welfare as the primary consideration
  • make proper arrangements for the provision of relief (for example holiday leave or extended periods of absence) and emergency cover 
  • maintain proper standards in all equipment, including mobile forges and business premises 
Farriers must not cause any horse to suffer by: 
  • carrying out any unnecessary action 
  • employing excessive restraint or discipline
  • failing to advise the need to call a veterinary surgeon when appropriate 
  • neglect

Farriers are advised not to commence working with an animal if it is felt that the conditions (i.e. present temperament of the horse or present condition the horse is kept in) are unfavourable to a successful outcome or such that they may compromise their own, or others, health and safety.