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Dealing with Client Complaints and the FRC

Farriery is a regulated profession and as a result all farriers are issued upon registration with their own copy of A Farrier’s Guide to Professional Conduct which is considered the standard for conduct of all Registered Farriers.

Unfortunately in some circumstances it is not always felt by clients or colleagues that a farrier has met these standards and this can result in a complaint being submitted to the Council. The ‘Making a Complaint’ pages of the FRC’s website explains the procedures followed by the Council in relation to the handling of any complaints received about the conduct or workmanship of a Registered Farrier. Alternatively, please do not hesitate to contact the office on 01733 319911 where a member of staff will explain the full procedure to you. Please be aware that the staff cannot discuss the details of specific cases with the respondent farrier until such point that any complaint has been submitted formally in writing by the complainant.

The ‘Farriers Guide to Professional Conduct’ sets out the specific responsibilities Registered Farriers must strive to follow if things do go wrong and also provides guidance on Complaints and Disciplinary Matters.