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Overseas Applications

For persons who have worked regularly and gainfully, for at least two years, as a farrier in an area outside those covered by the Act and who may or may not hold a formal qualification and who wish to gain the necessary qualifications to register with this Council.

Please ensure you read the ‘Guide to Applications for Registration by Overseas Farriers’ before submitting an application.
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Identity of Applicant

Your Identity

Please enter using the following format: dd/mm/yyyy.

Please note that your file will be renamed if a file with the same name already exists on our server.

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Related documents

General Guidance for Online Applications for Registration Document type: PDF

13.05.2016 127kb

These notes are to assist persons with their application and you are advised to read them carefully before submitting any application for registration.

Guide to Applications for Registration from Overseas Farriers Document type: PDF

22.12.2017 330kb

Guide to applications for registration by Overseas Farriers