Clients Responsibilities

Registered Farriers may request that clients provide a suitable environment in which to carry out work. These conditions might include:

  • a clean, dry standing with good light and a non-slip surface
  • a secure, safe ring to which the horse can be tied
  • protection from rain, wind and bad weather
  • a properly fitted, sound head collar/halter with a good rope of adequate length
  • competent assistance available should the farrier require it

Registered Farriers may also enquire whether a horse is used to being handled and, if appropriate, has a companion animal close by.

Registered Farriers may decline to commence or continue working with an animal if it is felt that the present temperament of the horse, or the conditions the horse is kept in, are unfavourable to a successful outcome, and/or that the health and safety of the farrier or others, including the horse, may be compromised by proceeding. The farrier may request the horse owner or keeper to seek assistance from a veterinary surgeon.