Clients Responsibilities

It is the client’s responsibility to provide:

  • a clean, dry standing with good light and a non-slip surface
  • a secure, safe ring to which the horse can be tied
  • protection from rain, wind and bad weather
  • a properly fitted, sound head collar/halter with a good rope of adequate length
  • competent assistance available should the farrier require it

The client should:

  • ensure that the shoeing area is safe for horse and farrier
  • ensure that the horse is used to being handled and, if appropriate, has a companion animal close by. In the event of a horse being unruly the client or their agent, should agree with the farrier, on the management of the horse
  • understand that certain methods of control may be required to preserve life, health and safety and that a farrier has the right to decline to shoe a horse, or to discontinue shoeing, if it is felt that to proceed would compromise his or her own health and safety, that of others, or that of the horse