Coronavirus and Farriery - Guidance to equine owners and to Registered Farriers


Following yesterday evening’s announcement by the Prime Minister of further restrictions to combat the spread of the Coronavirus, the FRC engaged with Government to seek agreement that the work of farriers be allowed to continue.


It is agreed that the FRC interpretation of the Government guidance is that Registered Farriers can continue to provide essential services to equines, and they should continue to attend to equines using their judgement as to matters of priority and/or urgency, and with the following provisos:


•           Any Registered Farrier showing the symptoms of coronavirus should immediately follow the NHS guidance on Covid-19 at 

•           Registered Farriers should rigorously follow the guidance on social distancing, maintaining the 2m distance between humans while conducting farriery at all times. 

•           Registered Farriers should regularly wash their hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds, and clean their tools and equipment, including between consultations.

•           If challenged by the Police or other law enforcement agency Registered Farriers should present their registration card and draw attention to this notice.


Equine owners and farriers are asked to note that this advice is interim and may need to be adjusted in the future in light of events relating to the Coronavirus pandemic. Please regularly check back to the FRC website and the Covid-19 page on at