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Disciplinary Committee

The Disciplinary Committee is a statutory Committee set up under section 14 of the Act.

The Disciplinary Committee comprises of a Chairman elected by Council and eight other members of Council, at least one of whom must be a practising farrier, or have been previously actively engaged in farriery for a period of not less than five years. No person who has acted as a member of the Investigating Committee with respect to any one case shall act as a member of the Disciplinary Committee with respect to that case.

The Committee is a properly constituted judicial tribunal applying the same standard of proof as the criminal court i.e. so as to be sure or beyond reasonable doubt. If the Committee find the charges against the Respondent proven it may order his or her name to be removed or suspended from the Register of Farriers.

Current Membership:

Mr C J House BVet Med MRCVS (Chairman)

Lt. Col. M Houghton RA (Deputy Chairman)

Mr J G W Chalmers FCA

Mr D C D'Arcy BSc (Hons) AWCF

Mrs E Earle

Mr P T Gordon DipWCF

Mr M Weston

Mrs J Leggate

Mr K J Willard FWCF


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