Approved Training Farriers (ATFs)

The FRC maintains a list of Registered Farriers who may train farriery apprentices known as ATFs. To gain entry to the ATF List registered farriers have to meet the minimum technical qualifications, educational and professional requirements as prescribed by the FRC at the time of application.

How to become an ATF

The FRC sets the requirements for admission to the ATF List. To become an ATF you must:

  • be a current Registered Farrier with 2 or more years practicing experience; and,
  • have successfully completed a higher Farriery Qualification such as the AWCF (pre 6 October 2023) or DipHE in Farriery, or have achieved another equine/farriery related higher qualification at Higher Diploma/Degree level; and,
  • have successfully completed the Train the Trainer Farrier Award (TTFA), or an equivalent coaching/training certificate; and,
  • demonstrate compliance with all aspects of Council policy, and in particular with the payment of annual retention fees, submission of the Annual Return and in meeting the requirements for Continuing Professional Development (CPD); and,
  • must not have been convicted of an animal welfare or animal cruelty offence or other serious crime.

If you wish to apply to become an ATF please follow the steps below:

  • Contact the FRC for an application form.
  • Complete the application form and return to the FRC with the required fee and supporting documentation.
  • The FRC will advise of the outcome; if approved your name will be added to the ATF List. 

Further details on requirements and the application process can be found at My FRC.