Farrier Qualifications, Examinations and Awards

The following information is provided to enable equine owners, those working in the equine industry and the public to understand the significance of qualifications, examinations and awards held by Registered Farriers, and to exercise informed choice in purchasing farriery services. A detailed description of each qualification, examination or award set out in the table may be accessed via the links at the bottom of the page.

Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations: 

Fellowship of The Worshipful Company of Farriers – FWCF

Associateship of The Worshipful Company of Farriers – AWCF

Associateship of The Farriers Company of London – AFCL

End-Point Assessment – EPA

Diploma of The Worshipful Company of Farriers – DipWCF

Registered Shoeingsmith – RSS

Military Training Farrier – MTF

Certified Military Farrier – CMF

Graduate Diploma in Equine Locomotor Research – GradDipELR

Bachelor of Science (with Honours) in Farriery – BSc(Hons)

Diploma in Higher Education in Farriery – DipHE

Foundation Degree in Science in Farriery – FdSc

Certified Euro Farrier – CEF

Master Farrier - MF