EEA Temporary and Occasional Service Providers

EC Directive 2005/36 allows a European State Farrier who is established (i.e. either employed or self-employed) in another member state to 'provide services' in the UK. This provision exists to enable farriers to cross borders to practise for short periods i.e. on a 'temporary and occasional' basis only. 

The Council's 'Guide to Temporary Applications for Farriers from Other EEA States' provides full details on the appropriate procedures but potential applicants should be aware that the temporary nature of the provision of services shall be assessed in relation to its duration, frequency, regularity and continuity. Applicants must be and remain to be established* in another Member State in order to be eligible to apply. [* Legal establishment means the applicant is providing a service and are part of the economy of their home state.]

A farrier who wishes to provide a temporary service must:

  1. either hold a qualification in farriery; or
  2. provide evidence which confirms that the applicant has rights of automatic recognition in accordance with Articles 16 and 17 of Directive 2005/36. In simple terms this equates to six consecutive years employment (or a combination of professional training and employment) in the profession; and
  3. be legally established in that profession in their own Member State that is be fully qualified to exercise that profession in a member state and not debarred for any reason; and
  4. if the profession of farriery is unregulated in their own Member State then he or she must also be able to attest to at least one years professional experience during the last ten years in that Member State. 

Farriers must inform the Council of their intention to provide services on a temporary and occasional basis by providing a signed written declaration in accordance with Article 7 of EC Directive 2005/36 with appropriate supporting documents in advance of the provision of services. 

Once an application has been accepted the applicant will be registered in Part 5 of the Register of Farriers, which is a separate part of the Register solely for service providers from another EEA Member State. Acceptance in to Part 5 of the Register is for a period of one year only and a renewal must be submitted annually should the applicant wish to continue to provide services in such a manner.

EEA nationals seeking to permanently establish themselves in business as a farrier within GB should follow the procedures for full applications for Registration.