Work Experience before the Apprenticeship

Farriery is defined within the Farriers (Registration) Act as being:

“any work in connection with the preparation or treatment of the foot of a horse for the immediate reception of a shoe thereon, the fitting by nailing or otherwise of a shoe to the foot or the finishing off of such work to the foot."

Only Registered Farriers, enrolled farriery apprentices, qualified and trainee veterinary surgeons and persons carrying out first aid in an emergency may legally practice farriery.

  • Work experience is not an apprenticeship and does not permit a person to engage in any acts of Farriery.
  • Work experience does not guarantee an apprenticeship and trial periods undertaken do not count towards the period of Apprenticeship. 
  • Candidates are advised not to relinquish existing employment prior to receiving formal acceptance on to the Farriery Apprenticeship from an approved College and confirmed employment from their selected ATF.

Permitted Activities during Work Experience

All non-farriery activities are permissible, including:

  • Forging
  • Horse handling
  • General assistance
  • Observation
  • Being shown, under close supervision, how to remove a shoe in an emergency

Activities NOT Permitted During Work Experience

  • Removal of shoes prior to shoeing
  • Preparation of foot for shoeing
  • Attachment of shoes by nailing or any means
  • Clenching up

Illegal farriery is a criminal offence and can result in a court appearance, criminal record and fine of up to £1,000 plus costs. If you have been asked to do any of the not permissible duties listed above and are not registered or have not yet started your official apprenticeship then please contact the FRC