Professional Conduct - Reminder


Registered Farriers are reminded of Paragraph 42 of the Farrier and Apprentice Code of Conduct which states:

42.     Taking Over Clients

 Although both farrier and client have freedom of choice, as a matter of professional courtesy and in the interests of the welfare of the horse involved, a farrier should not knowingly take over a colleague’s customer without informing the colleague in question. Farriers should not encourage clients to leave another farrier in favour of themselves or attempt to take advantage of temporary arrangements such as referrals or holiday cover to gain clients. [See section 13], and:

13.      Farriers must:

            d.   observe professional standards in the conduct of their business.

Registered Farriers are reminded also of the direction and guidance of HM Government and the FRC, and published on the FRC website in respect of the delivery of farriery services during the current crisis. Registered Farriers should take care that their actions meet the criteria of “… provide essential services …”, and should be prepared to justify their actions if challenged. Failure to follow the direction and guidance may of itself amount to serious professional misconduct, or may amount to an aggravating feature when considering other alleged misconduct.