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Becoming a Farrier

All persons who shoe horses, including their own within Great Britain*, are required to be registered under the Farriers (Registration) Act 1975, as amended.

[*The definition of GB as applicable to the Farriers (Registration) Act, includes England, Wales and Scotland, but excludes Northern Ireland, The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man].

In order to qualify for registration persons have to complete an Approved Apprenticeship or period of training and pass a prescribed examination, or possess an overseas qualification recognised as an equivalent by the Council, or, in the case of European Farriers, have certified experience of at least six years duration in accordance with EC Directive 2005/36.

In Great Britain the approved route to becoming qualified is by undertaking an Advanced Apprenticeship.

Candidates for an Advanced Apprenticeship (AA) in Farriery must be at least sixteen years of age however there is no upper age limit. Candidates must serve a period of apprenticeship whilst employed by an Approved Training Farrier (ATF). 

During the course of the training, and in order to be eligible for registration into the Register of Farriers via an apprenticeship, the following outcomes must be successfully completed by the apprentice: -

  • Technical Certificate – WCF Diploma in Farriery (QCF)
  • Diploma in Farriery (Work Based)
  • English and Mathematic Functional Skills (Level 2)
  • College Certificate in Business
  • 6 Personal Learning and Thinking Skills
  • Employee Rights and Responsibilities

Training comprises of planned experience gained with the ATF interspersed with periods of centralised 'off the job' training at an approved college.

The Apprenticeship is available from the following colleges, which have been approved by the Farriers Registration Council. 

For further details on becoming an apprentice please contact the colleges directly for further details.